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Problems with Traditional Text Messaging

Text messaging was designed for quick, casual and convenient conversations. Today, texting is the #1 communication technology in world, ahead of emails and phone calls! It is great for many people, but business text messaging has many shortcomings for professionals:

Traditional texting can’t retain clients conversations
In most cases, if a phone is lost or damaged, text message conversations are gone with it.

Traditional texting can’t protect attorney/client privilege
When a client receives a text message, it pops up for everyone to see, potentially waving attorney/client privilege.

Traditional texting can’t separate personal from professional messages
Today, messages from clients are mixed with messages from family and friends.

Traditional texting can’t control interruptions
Text message notifications can pop up at anytime, in the middle of an important meeting, during a vacation on the beach, or even in the middle of the night!

Traditional texting can’t print, forward or share messages
Getting text messaging information out of a phone is a cumbersome, multi-step process typically requiring screenshots and emails.

With LegalText, You Can:

LegalText is re-inventing business text messaging for professionals, starting with attorneys. It brings together the business functionalities of email with the convenience of text messaging.

LegalText is Practical

It works with the tools that you already use: your contacts, your calendar. It works on the go with your mobile device, or in the office with your desktop. It doesn’t require any change for your clients!

LegalText is Secure

Text messages are encrypted in transit and at rest. It can also verify that the right person is receiving the messages that you sent.

LegalText is Compliant

Text messages are archived in real-time and you can choose your own data retention policy.



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